Limb Loss Gift Ideas

Thoughtful Gifts For Those Living With Limb Loss

As the holiday season approaches, we can all use a little help checking off gifts on our holiday shopping list. If you’re struggling with ideas for a thoughtful gift to give someone in your life who is living with limb loss, here is a selection of easy-to-find presents that will send a message that you care.

A Great Set of Overshoes/Boots

Using a prosthesis with various types of shoes can be a challenge.  In the winter time removing wet or soiled footwear when entering a home or indoor space will leave the user of a prosthesis with no footwear or the need to carry additional “indoor” footwear to ensure their prostheses function correctly.   A great alternative is a flat-bottomed overboot that can be worn over top of indoor footwear to protect it from the elements without changing the function of the prosthesis.  Additionally, when moving from outdoor to indoor the overboots can be removed and the “indoor” shoes are clean and dry for use inside the home or office space.  NEOS has some great options for overboots that you can see here.

An Invitation To Stay Active

Regular physical activity is important for everyone, and especially critical for those living with limb loss. A guest pass to an accessible gym, yoga, or pilates studio, or public pool and an invitation to join them for a weekly exercise outing is a great way to encourage someone living with limb loss to keep moving.

A Prosthetic Carrying Bag

Our branded PBO Group device bags have been specially designed to make it easy to bring a prosthetic along. Ask your PBO Group clinic about ordering one of our made-in-Canada bags, or send us a message using our online form.

A Book To Remind Them They’re Part Of A Bigger Community

There are so many inspiring books written by and about incredible people living with limb loss that we’ve got an entire blog post dedicated to our favourites! Read this blog post for book recommendations.

Some Help Around The House

Whether it’s hiring a neighbour to clear walkways of ice and snow after winter storms, or a cleaning service to help with indoor tasks that will help keep inside areas clutter-free to reduce tripping hazards, the gift of some caring around the house can go a long way toward keeping a loved one injury free.

A Massage

There is a growing body of research supporting the effects of massage therapy for amputees. It can reduce muscle tightness and stiffness and maintain the health of affected joints.

Amputee-Adapted Clothing

Companies like Geri Fashions offer Canadian-made adaptive clothing specially designed for people who may have difficulty dressing themselves due to a lack of mobility.

Have you got some other great gift ideas that someone living with limb loss would love to find under the tree this year? Share them with us by sending us a message through our PBO Group Facebook page.

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