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Oh My Aching Feet!

3 Things To Try If You’re Experiencing Morning Foot Pain

Nagging aches, pain or stiffness in the feet when you wake up in the morning doesn’t have to mean a direct route to orthotics. According to Laura Jenne, a Canadian Certified Pedorthist who supports clients at PBO Group’s Niagara clinic, a few simple steps she frequently recommends can quickly address sore feet in the mornings.

Start Your Day With A Stretch

As we age, it’s common for joints and muscles to experience some stiffness after an extended period of time in one position. If your feet often feel stiff or sore when you first get out of bed in the morning, get in the habit of giving those muscles, joints and tendons a wake-up call. Laura recommends three simple movements to warm up, stretch and strengthen the feet. To start, while still lying in bed, use one foot to outline the letters of the alphabet, then repeat with the other foot. Those micro movements will warm up the intrinsic muscles in the forefoot area, which incorporate all three major foot joints.

Next, sitting on the edge of your bed, put one leg on the floor and cross the other over it. Pull the foot that is resting in the air back toward your shin for 15 – 20 seconds, relax and then repeat. Switch legs and repeat the process.

Finally, when you’re getting ready in the bathroom, put a small towel on the floor and use your toes to scrunch the towel to move it toward you. This simple movement will help strengthen the muscles in your feet.

Get A Supportive Pair Of House Shoes or Slippers

Spending a lot of time at home in bare feet or sock feet can be hard on the muscles, joints and tendons in the feet. Laura advises clients experiencing morning foot pain not to let their feet touch the ground without support. “While we sleep, our body is repairing the damage that we may have done to it the day before, and hitting the floor with no support for your feet can undo the work your body has been trying to do all night,” says Laura.

Laura recommends a supportive slipper or sandal from a company like Birkenstock, Mephisto or Finn Comfort. Stay away from slippers with a foam liner. While pillowy soft slippers may seem like a comfortable choice, your foot needs something nice and sturdy to support it. Something with a cork insole is a great choice.

Assess Your Current Footwear

Unfortunately, due to changes in materials and manufacturing processes, shoes just don’t stay as supportive for as long as they once did. Depending on how much you walk in them, your shoes may need replacing in as little as six months. Most running shoe manufacturers recommend replacement after 500 km. Clues that your shoes could be contributing to your foot pain include worn-down soles on the bottom of your shoe, creasing in the middle of your shoe, or holes or unusual signs of wear on other areas of the shoe.

Get An Expert Opinion Early

While these simple steps can help many people experiencing morning foot pain, some will require additional intervention. Laura notes, “Foot pain should never be left unaddressed. At PBO Group, your first appointment is free, so there’s no reason not to come in and let us take a good look at your feet and your shoes and get a better sense of your lifestyle to determine next steps. We may send you home with some very simple things to try, or, if we see that there is something going on biomechanically that is impacting your foot in a negative way, we may suggest a custom orthotic. Either way, you’ll leave with a plan and a partner who is committed to helping your feet feel better.”

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