PBO People: Alaina

“They answer all your questions and put you at ease.”

In addition to providing this video testimonial, Alisha was kind enough to share more about her experience of having Alaina fit for a cranial remolding helmet through the following written testimonial. Thank you Alisha, for allowing us to be a part of Alaina’s journey.

alaina“My experience with Niagara Prosthetics and Orthotics has been so very wonderful. My daughter was referred to the clinic for moderate plagiocephaly (a flat spot on her head). I went to the consultation appointment with an open mind, but I was very nervous to have my instinct confirmed – that she would have to wear a helmet to correct the flat spot. Although it was upsetting to find out that my daughter’s condition would likely not resolve itself naturally, I was quite relieved to finally have some clarity and a solution. Alan very kindly explained how the helmet would be used to encourage her head to grow into the existing flat spot, thus rounding out the shape of her head. He patiently answered all of my questions and even provided an affordable payment plan when our insurance failed to help out.

Her first helmet fitting was an emotional experience. My baby’s sweet fuzzy head was now covered by a large hard shell. Was she going to resent me for making her wear this? What were people going to think when they saw her? Was I making the right decision? Those doubts quickly faded over the next week. Yes, my daughter wasn’t a fan of the helmet at first, but Alan had me put her through a breaking in period, so she quickly got used to it. When I brought her out in public, people didn’t stare but rather cooed and awwed at how sweet she looked. In fact, we had cat ears moulded onto the helmet and then an artist painted Hello Kitty’s face on it. Everyone loves the helmet, including my daughter. Finally, I knew I had made the right decision when we found that the severity of her plagiocephaly had gone down significantly after just one week!

To parents out there who have a child with a less-than-round head, it’s worth getting it checked out by the amazing staff at Niagara Prosthetics and Orthotics.”

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