Below Knee Vacuum Casting

Certified Prosthetist Bryn Jones, C.P.O. (c)  talks about the technique of vacuum casting for below knee amputees:

The technique of casting a trans tibial residual limb is not new, but it is something that the prosthetists at PBO Group have been using for some time now with excellent results. The staff at PBO Group consistently explores new ways of achieving the best fitting sockets that we can produce for our clients. Sometimes we stick to what we are currently doing. Other times we tweak a technique. With vacuum casting it is a much different procedure than the hand casting we have done for years. Utilizing a vacuum pump, we ensure even pressure distribution over the surface of the residual limb, which has been generating more comfortable- fitting sockets for those who have embraced the change so far. We will offer this technique to any client that would like to try it and that is appropriate for it. We will continue to make sure that we are current on all Prosthetic and Orthotic techniques.

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