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Hip Surgery Delay? Make Your Wait Better With The Right Brace

One of the many unfortunate side effects of COVID-19’s impact on Ontario’s healthcare system is that many surgeries are being delayed. If you had an upcoming hip replacement surgery planned, there is a chance that it may be postponed. While that news is no doubt disappointing, it doesn’t mean you have to live life in limbo until your surgery is rescheduled. Today’s hip bracing solutions can provide significant relief from the issues related to mobility and pain that may be holding you back.

Bracing As An Alternative to Hip Replacement Surgery

People suffering from mild to moderate hip osteoarthritis benefit most from a brace that optimizes the way weight is distributed and stabilizes the hip. The brace that we recommend most often is Ossur’s Unloader Hip brace

Benefits of Bracing When Surgery is Delayed

If you’re experiencing a hip replacement surgery delay, bracing is an
excellent alternative to consider. In addition to there being no wait time, it
is pain-free and has none of the risks often associated with undergoing a major surgery such as surgical complications or infection.  Another thing to
keep in mind is that surgery isn’t always a silver bullet solution. While there
is no doubt that hip replacement surgery can offer life-changing benefits for those that respond well to it, the success rate isn’t 100%. 

According to Andrew Litner, one of PBO Group’s Certified Orthotists, “Joint
replacement surgery can be an intimidating decision, inherent with risk and, due to our current health climate, inaccessible to many.  Custom
bracing is a risk-free alternative that has many of my patients wishing they
had done it sooner, and never considering a painful surgery again.”  

This Isn’t The Time To DIY

At PBO Group, one of the common complaints we hear from clients who have tried braces in the past and have not been happy with the results is that they had problems with the brace slipping and not being comfortable. Often, that occurs because their brace doesn’t fit them properly. While it may be tempting to order a brace that you’ve found online, working with one of PBO Group’s Certified Orthotists will help ensure your brace fits correctly and is doing what your body needs most. At PBO Group, our Certified Orthotists will continue to work with you until we feel AND you feel that the brace is fitting and working optimally.

Many hip braces also qualify for government or private insurance funding, and PBO Group staff will help you investigate and apply for any applicable programs that could help reduce the cost of your device.

Book an appointment today at our Niagara, Toronto, Kawartha, Barrie or Owen Sound clinics to learn more about how the right brace could make your wait for hip replacement
surgery more comfortable.

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