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3 Easy Tweaks To Address Work-From-Home Aches & Pains

When many of us started to work from home in the early days of the pandemic, we ignored nagging little aches and pains. As days have stretched into months, those little twinges that we’ve ignored for too long may be becoming more noticeable. Here are three easy tweaks you can make right now to better support your body in your home office environment.

Work-From-Home Tweak #1: Put On Your Shoes

Since it’s common for Canadians not to wear shoes in their homes, many of us have spent more time in bare feet in the last year than we’re used to. If you’re feeling pains in your feet, legs or lower back, your body may be trying to send you a message that it needs some additional support. Having a pair of dedicated indoor sandals is a great solution. The Birkenstock and Mephisto brands have plenty of stylish, supportive options. If you’re an orthotics wearer, Finn Comfort and Naot sandals have removable footbeds that allow custom orthotics to be easily inserted.

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Work-From-Home Tweak #2: Remember To Move

If working from home has resulted in less movement, your body isn’t likely too happy about that additional time being sedentary. Consider scheduling in a quick 15-minute walk mid-day to make up for some of that lost movement. While you’re at your desk, work in some simple foot pumps while you’re on those endless Zoom calls! Pointing your toes to the ground and then pulling them up towards the sky activates your calf muscles as well as small muscles in your foot and gets the blood pumping back up toward your heart.

Work-From-Home Tweak #3: Consider Some Compression

Sitting for long periods can cause the body’s fluids to pool in the lower legs, leading to circulation issues and annoying aches. Compression socks are a great solution as they encourage those fluids to circulate and promote the movement of freshly oxygenated blood. You’ll be surprised by the renewed spring in your step that compression socks can create, and they’re now available in an assortment of fun styles and patterns.

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If you’re experiencing work-from-home aches and pains, PBO Group is here to help. After assessing your body’s unique biomechanics we can make recommendations for orthotics, bracing, or compression therapy solutions to help provide relief. Book a free assessment at our Niagara, Peterborough, Barrie or Owen Sound clinics using our online form or by calling 1.877.331.3395.

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