golf can be a socially distanced sport

Address The Aches and Pains of Returning to Socially Distanced Sport

COVID-19 has brought many changes to life in 2020. For many of us, those changes have included finding new ways to stay active when a preferred form of physical activity was taken off the table. Even as things begin to open up again, that favourite conditioning routine at the gym, a group yoga class or swimming lengths at a public pool, may not have quite the same appeal. If that’s the case, taking up or returning to a socially distanced sport can be a great way to stay in shape until you feel comfortable returning to your favourite sport.

Two sports that have seen a surge in popularity over the course of the pandemic are running and golf. If you’ve been thinking about giving them a try yourself, but are concerned that your body may object, don’t give up before you give it a try.


The Pain:

Often, new runners, or those returning to the sport after a significant length of time off, experience knee pain. Patella Femoral knee pain is something that is very common. It’s often caused by the body’s alignment being slightly off, which can prohibit the knee cap from tracking properly over the femur bone. If this is ignored, it can become a chronic condition and lead to arthritis.

The Prevention:

When your body and gait is assessed, we will be able to determine whether the issues stem from misalignment with the foot or if there is actually an issue with the knee.

If the issue is misalignment stemming from the foot, custom foot orthotics can help quickly address the problem and the eliminate the pain.

If the issue stems from a problem with the knee, a patella tracking brace can make a world of difference. Here’s a recent testimonial from a PBO Group client:


The Pain:

As we age, our balance deteriorates. When our balance is off, it can negatively impact the biomechanics of the foot, leading to aches and pains in the feet, legs and knees during and after time spent on the course. We also treat golfers who suffer from Golfer’s Elbow, which is a common overuse injury.

The Prevention:

If you are experiencing pain in your feet, legs or knees, we will assess your body and gait to determine the root cause of the problem. If we determine that the issue is related to the biomechanics of your foot, custom foot orthotics may help quickly address the problem. If your knee pain is related to arthritis, a custom knee brace can be designed to offload the arthritic joint to help increase your stamina and improve your game. If elbow pain is your issue, a simple elbow brace may be all it takes to return you to pain-free drives and putts.

Are considering returning to a socially distanced sport to increase your level of physical activity but wary of how your body may react? PBO Group’s staff will take the time to understand your objectives and your body’s unique needs and help you reach your goals.

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