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5 Osseointegration Podcast Episodes Well Worth A Listen

Osseointegration is a game-changing procedure for those who have experienced limb loss. We’re continually impressed by our clients’ commitment to rigorous Osseointegration research. Whether it’s traditional media, websites, social media feeds or podcasts, there is wealth of information available today that helps clients stay up to date with what’s happening in the field.

One podcast that’s taken a deep dive into the topic of Osseointegration is The AmpuTO Show. Hosted by Aristotle Domingo, the show features inspiring and motivational stories from the limb loss and limb different community. The team at PBO Group was so impressed with The AmpuTO Show’s recent interviews related to the topic of Osseointegration that we wanted to share them with our own community.

The episode, Osseointegration in Canada with Dr. Robert Turcotte, offers an excellent overview of the Osseointegration process for Canadians. In addition to explaining the procedure, Dr. Turcotte speaks about funding models and factors that make candidates a good fit for Osseointegration surgery.

The episode, “Robocop” and his Partner – OPP Const. Peter Tucker and Michelle Tucker shares the couple’s life-changing journey after Peter was in a serious highway collision. Following his accident, Peter was Dr. Robert Turcotte’s first patient to undergo Osseointegration surgery in Canada.

The episode, Our Osseointegration Journey, profiles the first Canadians who have gone through Osseointegration. The guests share their experiences and explain why they opted to have the procedure; even going as far as Australia to have the surgery.

The episode, Osseointegration Challenges, features a candid discussion with Kirsten Woodend, a nurse and osseointegration patient. She shares the ups and downs she experienced with her osseointegration procedure, and how she dealt with those challenges to thrive and live an active lifestyle.

The episode, Osseointegration and Prosthesis, features some voices that PBO Group clients will recognize. Alan Rigby and Bryn Jones from PBO Niagara, Andrew Litner from PBO Kawartha and Will Hadi from PBO Barrie and Owen Sound sat down with The AmpuTO Show to discuss their work supporting Canadian Osseointegration patients who have undergone the surgery in both Australia and Montreal. In addition to speaking about their experience with Osseointegration clients, they also touch on topics of interest such as:

  • How to approach your Prosthetist about Osseointegration if it’s not something they know a lot about
  • Factors that might make an amputee NOT a good candidate for Osseointegration
  • How to go about accessing funding support for Osseointegration.

If you’re interested in learning more about Osseointegration, be sure to give these episodes a listen. You can also learn more from the Osseointegration section on our PBO Group website. Our Osseointegration 101 booklet is another helpful tool. Of course, the PBO Group Amputee Care Team is always available to answer any questions you may have about Osseointegration too. Call us at 1-877-331-3395 or send an email to info@pbogroup.ca.

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