Why Choose Custom Compression Therapy Over Off-The-Shelf Options?

Compression therapy has gone through a lot of changes in the last five years. From new colours to new materials, it is now easier than ever to find compression garments to fit your lifestyle. Along with new colours and fabrics, more sizes are becoming available to fit more of the general population. If you or someone you know is prescribed compression therapy, an off-the-shelf option may seem like the simplest solution. From working with many of our clients who have spent money on off-the-shelf compression products only to find they didn’t meet their unique needs, we feel strongly that, for many, getting a custom-fit solution from a Certified Compression Therapy Fitter is well worth the time and investment. Here are just a few of the ways a custom-fit garment will help ensure you get the best fit and the best product to address your specific medical needs.

Fit For YOUR Specific Leg Measurements (not your shoe size)

When being measured for a custom-fit compression garment, depending on the style, your Certified Fitter will take between six and eight measurements per leg. Custom-fit compression garments are available in knee high, thigh high, one-legged with a waist strap and pantyhose styles. This means that each garment will have specific measurements to ensure you’re getting the compression therapy where you need it. Off-the-shelf garments will typically only use the customer’s shoe size to determine garment sizing.

Medical Grade Compression Levels That Can Actually Make a Difference

Here in Ontario, medical grade compression therapy starts at 20-30 mmHg. This means that you are required to have a physician, nurse practitioner or midwife write the prescription for your compression therapy. This medical grade compression can only be purchased as a custom-fit garment. Compression levels less than 20-30mmHg that are typical of off-the-shelf products have little effect on conditions such as varicose veins, tired achy legs and mild to severe swelling (edema).

Better Solutions for Sensitive Skin

Off-the-shelf compression garments come in a limited number of materials. With allergies to synthetic materials on the rise, custom-fit garments are available in a variety of natural and synthetic materials to make sure your skin stays healthy. Certain materials also wear differently, so depending on your job requirements or the style of shoe you wear, one material may be better for your occupational and daily needs than others. This variety of materials is only available in custom garments.

Helpful Advice Makes For Easier Wear and Care

Compression garments are made to be tight which can make it difficult for some people to put them on and take them off. When you purchase a custom measured garment, you will be given helpful advice related to wear and care. Little tricks on how to make donning easier, the right way to wash and care for your garment as well as warranty and life span information are all included with your custom garment. We can even provide aids for those with limited hand dexterity and strength or limitations with bending at the hip. These options are only available with custom measured garments.

When you’re ready to experience the many of benefits of a custom-fit compression for yourself, make an appointment for a fitting at one of our clinics. If you’d prefer to try an off-the-shelf solution as a first step, we also offer a range of those products that our staff would be happy to assist you with.

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