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The Power of Google Reviews: Why PBO Group Loves Hearing Your Feedback

If you’ve ever used Google Reviews or other online reviews to research potential healthcare providers, you’re part of a rapidly growing trend. According to recent research, 72% of consumers read online ratings and reviews when choosing a new healthcare provider.

At PBO Group, we know that choosing a care team to support your prosthetic, osseointegration, bracing, orthotic, compression therapy, or cranial remolding needs is a big decision that often drives similar online research. If you’re an existing PBO Group client, you may have received a message after an appointment with us to take a moment to leave an online review. The efforts we make to encourage our clients to leave online reviews are driven by the fact that their real-life experiences and opinions offer great value to others who may be looking to learn more about the PBO Group team and the level of care we provide.

Your Review Helps Others Make Informed Decisions

When PBO Group clients leave a Google Review, it provides insights that can assist others in making well-informed decisions about their healthcare needs. By sharing their experiences, clients contribute to an open and transparent platform for potential patients who want to learn more about us. Positive reviews act as a testament to the quality of care provided, giving prospective clients peace of mind and the confidence to choose PBO Group as their healthcare provider. Less-than-positive reviews can offer great value, too, because they point our team toward important opportunities for improvement and growth that allow us to address concerns, make necessary adjustments, and continually enhance our services to ensure every PBO Group client receives exceptional care.

How To Leave a Google Review

Leaving a Google Review about your experience with one of PBO Group’s clinics is a simple process that just takes a few minutes.

Follow these steps to leave your own Google Review:

  1. Sign into your Google account. If you don’t have one, you can create one easily.
  2. Search for the PBO Group clinic on Google that you most frequently visit, or use the links below:

PBO Niagara

PBO Toronto East

PBO Toronto West

PBO Kawartha

PBO Barrie

PBO Owen Sound

3. Scroll down until you see the review section.

  1. Rate your experience by selecting the appropriate star rating.
  2. Leave a detailed review sharing your thoughts, experiences, and any specific details you think are important.
  3. Click on “Post” to submit your review.

Whether it’s a positive testimonial or constructive criticism, each review holds immense value and helps shape the way we provide care and the future of PBO Group clinics. So, if you’ve had a recent experience at a PBO Group clinic, join the growing list of clients who are sharing their thoughts to help others make more informed choices. If you’d prefer to share your feedback through a different channel, you can complete the survey form on our website, visit our Contact Page for details on how to reach out via our online form or by phone.

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