Regaining Mobility After a Stroke

Have you ever thought about how complex walking actually is? Think about it: your brain and body must work together to create complex movements involving your legs, arms, and feet, making sure they bend just right and that weight is shifted accordingly. Most people don’t realize how complex this concept is until they lose their ability to walk or move comfortably.

When a stroke takes place, it is not uncommon to experience loss in movement. We are now able to train ourselves to regain mobility or improve how we move through life with the help of reliable resources and professional assistance. This is how you can regain strength and re-sync your brain and body!

Work with Professionals

Professionals such as rehabilitation nurses, occupational therapists and/or physical therapists will be your main helpers during your recovery process. These professionals will create a plan unique to you and your needs, providing you with the right exercises and practices to get you closer to your goal. At the end of the day, these professionals are aiming to help you rebuild strength and balance, while also ensuring your recovery is as a painless as possible.

Use Proper Tools and Devices

There are a number of tools and devices out there made to help you but which one is best suited for your needs? Without a proper diagnosis, we can’t quite say. This is why working with an experienced professional is so important. Some tools and devices you may want to discuss with your health care team are: wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and special braces. Using the right tools and devices will play a significant role in your recovery, improper tools and devices can result in a delayed, uncomfortable, and potentially painful recovery.

What to Expect During The Recovery Process

After experiencing a stroke, you will notice a good amount of improvement within the first 6 months. The months following may be slower but nonetheless, you will be improving! We want to remind you to go easy on yourself. We understand that the recovery process can be frustrating but the best thing to do is to take it day by day. Give yourself time, work closely with your team of professionals, have a strong support system to talk to, and work hard on recovery.

For more tips and guidance about regaining mobility after a stroke, contact us.

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