You Ask, We Answer: Which Orthotic Casting Method is Best?

Creating an exact replica of your foot is a critical step in the production of the custom foot orthotics we make at all of our PBO Group locations. That precise replica of your foot is then used to mould materials around it to produce a custom foot orthotic that addresses the specific needs of your unique feet. As there are three different methods that we use to cast a replica of your feet, one of the questions we frequently hear from clients is, “Which casting method is best?”

The answer to that question really boils down to, “That depends on you and your feet.”

The first step in determining which of the three casting methods is best for a client is to perform a detailed biomechanical and gait assessment. The information we take away from this assessment allows us to determine whether a plaster cast wrap, a foam box impression or a 3D digital scan is best suited for the task of creating a replica of your feet.

In addition to the results we discover through your assessment, some of the other factors that we take into consideration as we choose your casting method are:
• Are we trying to correct your foot or accommodate a particular area of your foot?
• Can you lay comfortably on an exam table, do you have pain when someone is touching your feet or is your movement restricted?
• Are you allergic to any materials?
• How flexible is your foot?
• Your age, height and weight
• Your occupational and daily mobility requirements
• Your preferred footwear
• The overall goal of the foot orthotic
• The type of foot orthotic that will be made

At PBO Group, we take a customized approach to creating your foot orthotics. This means an individualized treatment plan that begins from your very first appointment to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your feet. Make an appointment today to learn more and take a positive step toward better foot health and comfort.

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