2023 resolutions


There’s no rule that you have to tackle that resolution for the new year all by yourself. In fact, having a support team of professionals can help you stack the deck when it comes to sticking to your New Year’s resolutions right through until December!  In the spirit of helping PBO Group clients make this their best year yet, we put our heads together in the lunchroom to come up with a few different ways we could support people in achieving some common resolutions.

The Resolution: I want to increase the duration or frequency of my walks or runs

How We Can Help:

Foot and leg pain can be a sure-fire path to resolution failure if you’re trying to up your miles. If you experience pain in your feet or legs as you start to increase the frequency or duration of your walks or runs, give us a call right away. We can have you walk or run and perform a gait analysis to identify any issues. If you already have orthotics, we can take a look to determine if they might need an update. If you don’t have orthotics, we can assess your situation to determine if they might make walking or running more comfortable and enjoyable.

If you have a prosthetic leg and are wanting to increase the amount of walking you’re doing, coming in to see one of our PBO Group Certified Prosthetists first is a wise idea. They can check to make sure everything is still an excellent fit and that nothing on your device is in need of routine maintenance.  

The Resolution: I want to improve my golf or tennis game

How We Can Help:

If swinging your racquet or club sends shooting pains up and down your arm, chances are you’re not going to enjoy the extra time it takes on the course or the court to improve your game. Consult with our team about the type of pain you’re experiencing and let us determine if there is a bracing solution that could help reduce the pain. According to Dr. Edward McFarland, a professor of orthopedic surgery at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine, about 50% of patients with golfer’s or tennis elbow seem to get relief from braces.

The Resolution: I want to explore the possibility of an osseointegrated prosthesis

How We Can Help:

This is an exciting new chapter for Canadian amputees.

Unlike traditional socket-based prostheses, osseointegrated prostheses implants have a titanium implant that is inserted into the marrow space of the bone and exits through the residual limb’s skin with an abutment. The implant, which is called a “fixture,” integrates into the bone over time. The abutment exits through the amputee’s soft tissue and skin and allows a prosthesis to be attached directly to the abutment.

Until recently, amputees who wished to pursue osseointegration surgery had to travel to Australia. In 2018, a surgeon in Montreal began performing the surgical procedure, and we’ve already supported a number of our clients in their Canadian osseointegration journey.

If you’d like to learn more about osseointegration, our team can help you get answers to your questions, explore funding assistance options, take the next step in acquiring a physician’s referral and support you before and after the surgery.

Your PBO Group team is here to support you in achieving your wellness goals. Connect with us today and let’s talk about how we can help make this your best year yet!

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