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5 Things Our Prosthetists Want You To Do This Summer

Summer is here, and we’re all ready to make it a fantastic one. To help our clients living with limb loss make the most of every moment of the summer season, we asked PBO Group’s Certified Prosthetists at our Toronto, Niagara, Kawartha, Barrie and Owen Sound for their best summer living with limb loss tips.

Alan, Certified Prosthetist from PBO Niagara

Check Your Prosthetic’s Fit If It’s Been A While Since You’ve Seen Us

“Between being less active during the winter months and throughout the last two years as a result of Covid-19, many of us are carrying a few extra pounds. Added weight can impact the fit of your prosthetic, so it’s a good idea to have one of our PBO Group Prosthetists check your fit if you haven’t seen us in a while.”

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Andrew Certified Prosthetist from PBO Kawartha

Keep An Extra Pair of Prosthetic Socks On Hand

“Excessive moisture from sweating on a hot summer day can result in your residual limb shrinking, which can make your prosthesis loose. Changing your socks often won’t just optimize the fit of your prosthesis; it will also help prevent rashes and chafing.”

Will Certified Prosthetist from PBO Barrie / Owen Sound

Make Prosthesis Wipe Down Part Of Your Bedtime Routine

“Summer sweating creates additional bacteria, which can increase the risk of infection. Taking a few minutes before bed to properly clean your prosthetic device is time well spent.”

Bill Certified Prosthetist from PBO Toronto East

Watch For Swelling

“Between humid weather and salty barbecue favourites like hotdogs and hamburgers, it’s not uncommon for amputees to experience some extra swelling during the summer months. If you’re experiencing swelling, try spending some time in air-conditioned areas and taking a cool shower. If that doesn’t seem to help, sleeping with a shrinker on your residual limb might be a good option for us to discuss.”

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Marty Certified Prosthetist from PBO Toronto West

Have Some Fun In The Water

“If you enjoy swimming or water sports, there are some great tips in this No Water Legs? No Problem blog post for amputees who want to enjoy some time in the pool or lake this summer. If you’d like to take the next step and get a waterproof prosthetic, schedule an appointment, and we can take you through your options.”

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