Changing The Game: 4 Ontario Residents Talk Limb Loss and Life After Osseointegration

Osseointegration is a topic that’s on the minds of many Ontario residents living with limb loss. While it’s still a relatively new procedure, PBO Group has already supported 12 different Ontario residents through their surgeries in Australia and Montreal. One of the things that PBO Group clients are most interested in learning when they come to talk to us about the possibility of Osseointegration is how people who have already had the procedure responded to it. If that’s something you’re curious about too, this compilation of testimonial quotes and related resources will definitely be of interest.

An Unexpected Upgrade

This client who underwent Osseointegration had so many great things to say about his experience when he took part in a Facebook live broadcast we hosted in 2019, but his car analogy was one of our favourites:

“The socket was great for me when I had it and I didn’t know what OI was. My socket was kind of like a Corvette. It’s a good car, you’re really happy with that. There’s nothing to compare it to. Until you get into a Ferrari, which is OI, and all of a sudden, things are so much better. It’s not that they were bad to begin with, it’s that they’re so much better.”

Watch the complete broadcast here.

A Fond Farewell to Back Pain

In the same broadcast, this client, an incredibly active person who kayaks, skis and hikes, noted the positive difference that her Osseointegration surgery made to her posture:

“The biggest difference I saw, and this is going to sound really stupid, was my posture. When I was in a socket my body dynamics were pushed all the way to the back, so to counteract that you stick out your belly and walk and use your back a lot … With Osseointegration, you’re back loading into the centre of your pelvis, so I no longer have back pain. The back pain has disappeared since I had Osseointegration.”

Real Challenges But Real Results

This above-knee amputee who had Osseointegration in 2018, was very candid about the range of challenges she’s faced since the procedure when she was interviewed on The AmpuTO Show. One of the positive changes she notes in the interview is:

“I’m much more integrated with my prosthesis than I ever was before Osseointegration.”

Watch her navigate her country farm on the one-year anniversary of her Osseointegration surgery here.

Listen to the complete podcast here.

The Realities of Recovery

This client’s recovery from surgery and rehabilitation process took longer and was more painful than what he had expected it would be, but now that he’s on the other side, he’d do it all over again:

“It took me a long time because my femur was so weak from being 25 years in a socket and I was 66 years old at the time and my bone density was pretty low … I had to stay in Montreal for three months because I had to do very gradual weight training … For a while I was thinking I regretted doing the OI surgery, but it took a while, and the pain did go away and here I am over a year later. There’s no more pain from the surgery, it’s all gone, and it’s been good, and I would do it again.”

Listen to the complete podcast here.

Take The Next Step

If you’d like to learn more about Osseointegration, the Osseointegration section on our website, our other Osseointegration blog posts, and our Osseointegration 101 Guide are great resources. You can also make an appointment at our Niagara, Toronto, Kawartha, Barrie and Owen Sound clinics to speak with one of our Certified Prosthetists about whether you might be a good candidate for Osseointegration.

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