Baby Steps

Baby Steps with John Rollo

Every now and then, we get the opportunity to provide care for an individual who sets themselves apart from the rest. We met John Rollo in January of 2014, shortly after he had undergone a series of medical procedures including a bilateral below the knee amputation. Mr. Rollo attended every appointment with a smile and a positive attitude, and it was contagious. We truly enjoyed having him in our office, and it was a privilege to assist in his journey to regain his mobility.

Since then, John has written a book outlining his experiences. See description below:

Baby Steps tells the story of a man who beat all the medical odds to live and walk again. It’s full of optimism, warmth, great love, and humour. It’s also an honest exposé of a rehabilitation system that manages patients, attempting to care for people, in an environment with virtually no mental health support in the form of clinical psychologists to assist people to cope with such life-altering circumstances.”

We strongly recommend giving this book a read if you are in a similar situation, or are caring for someone in a similar situation. You will not be disappointed!

Baby Steps

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